Spain Re-Exposed V2

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We all search for something in life. My search brought me to Spain. I was looking for a different lifestyle away from cold gloomy UK and my corporate life.

I was happy to trade down. Relax, live in the sun and see what happened.

Well, a lot has happened. Some planned, but mostly unplanned. I owned my own company, travelled and started to write, feeling the need to share this country with others. My work appears in magazines, websites and some popular anthologies.

I have a network of friends, (some of whom appear in the book) young and not so young, British, Spanish and many other flavours. Some writers, painters and some others make up the mix.

imagesI published my first eBook in 2012 – ‘Spain Exposed’ which proved popular and so I decided to republish as Spain Re-Exposed in eBook and traditional book formats with some of the original content now updated a second (and final) time with additional items in a completely reformatted and edited new version. Now around 52,000 words.

In additional I have re-included fictional ‘The Life of an Errant Expat’ following the suggestion from some readers. I only hope Cervantes can forgive me!

So if you have already downloaded the original Spain Exposed please understand some of the content you will already have read.

In Spain Re-Exposed, you will discover a range of topics, issues, Expat life stuff and a short story. All linked by their common thread of Spain giving me the inspiration to put the metaphorical pen to paper.

They appear in some sort of order (it is the librarian in me) and are intended to entertain and inform. In this fast moving world of ours the factual content was correct at time of writing but may have changed now – so please check before taking any life changing decisions.

Although this was not published as a relocation to Spain guidebook.

Thanks for buying. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment wherever and whenever you feel the urge, which I hope you do. A writer always wants a reaction from his readers.



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Reviews posted on Amazon

‘This is an excellent introduction to Spain – its customs, its geography, its history, the experience as a tourist and as an ex-pat. You can take a day trip while sitting comfortably at home and then be inspired to go and find out more for yourself, while the author provides information on more books and websites to help you on your way.’

A must read if you are going to Spain 22 Oct. 2014
By M. ChealPublished on
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is such an easy read because the author knows how to capture the imagination. Probably one of the best travel books for undiscovered Spain I have ever read. I can’t wait to walk Extremadura!
on August 24, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This Travel guide with a bit of Spanish history and humor is goodread for the newly arrived or seasoned expat.
on 14 September 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
A pleasant stroll through many aspects of Spanish life. Visits to various cities and their attractions give an interesting insight.
By the way – the word Re-Exposed has a mixed reception from a variety of quality dictionaries but in its defence, it is allowed in Scrabble!



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