Rob Innis is a British Expat living in southern Spain. He is a Freelance Writer and published author.

In January 2012 – successfully published his first eBook on Amazon Kindle – Spain Exposed.

‘In Spain Exposed, author Rob Innis takes an affectionate look at Spain as he explores everything from the sparrows in his fig tree to the Spanish Constitution to his Spanish mother-in-law. The book is a collection of Mr. Innis’ previously published work, combining short fiction, articles and blog posts, during his 12 years (and counting) as an expat in Spain.

The Spain Exposed collection makes for some enjoyable light reading. My favorite part is the short story “The Life of an Errant Expat”, a modern riff on Cervantes’ Don Quijote. The tale follows the spirit of the original classic and is quite funny in its gentle ribbing of expat life in Spain.

The book begins with blog post sketches ruminating on aspects of life in Spain through the eyes of a British expat, follows with articles presenting some interesting musings and historical stories, and then concludes with “The Life of an Errant Expat.” However, I would have preferred the collection to have started off with the modern Quijote tale instead. I think that would have set a better tone for the rest of the book. In any case, reading Spain Exposed is a good way to while away a quiet afternoon.’ (Review published on

After undergoing a final update (Jan 2017) including much additional new content republished in both eBook and standard book formats

Spain Re-Exposed

His articles are published in various magazines (illustrated with his photos) including TIM where he appears monthly since 2008.

He has been published in many anthologies including

courtingthebull_portada_small2Courting the Bull

PAKISTAN50 Stories for Pakistan

WA 2010 ANTHWriters Abroad Anthology 2010

Layout 1Foreign Encounters from the Writers Abroad group.

He was Deputy Chairman of the Torrevieja Writers Circle and is a member of various writing groups.

In addition, he edited the Writers Bureau Students Ezine, Chapter and Verse, for a year, producing four editions and contributes to WB publications.

He curates Spain Exposed – see here



An Expat's View of Spain

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